I’ve been an English teacher for 10 years, completing my degree at the University of York and my PGCE at Bristol University. In 2010, I made the move down to London where I worked as a KS3 Lead at Ashmole Academy in Barnet. I’m now a KS4 Lead at Cramlington Learning Village in Northumberland.

In my own practice, I want to become more reflective and to take more risks. So many of the conversations that I have with students have become data-driven. As a teacher in a school recently taken out of Special Measures, I’ve found myself increasingly susceptible to low-risk, content driven lessons where I’m more concerned with student compliance than inspiring a love of English.

Every week I’ll be embarking on a new ‘adventure’- a risky move in the classroom that could either pay off in dividends or go horribly awry!